Self-Contained. Uniform. Time Saving.

What they are: Stripping Spring Units (SSUs) from Noble Die Components are compact, self-contained units consisting of a spring compressed in a retainer which is telescopic and non-revolving. SSUs are factory assembled with a uniform preload which equalizes stripping pressures and ensures uniform stripping action in blanking or forming dies.

Applications: Die designers use SSUs instead of loose die springs. The mounting end of the SSU is threaded into either the top or bottom die shoe eliminating the need to create blind holes or spring wells. If a stripper plate is used, it is secured to the other end of the SSU; the SSU exerts no pressure on the stripper plate until it makes contact with the part. If the part is sufficiently rigid, the SSUs within the die can provide the stripping action without a stripper plate.

And you may be able to install SSUs in an existing die that uses conventional springs.

Advantages: SSUs are easily installed which saves time in die making.  All machining is done from the face side. Drill and tap a hole where a SSU is needed, spot-face a surface around the hole and install the SSU.  (All spot-facings must be of equal depth to maintain equal spring pressure.)

 SSUs help avoid a production problem caused by flying debris when a conventional die spring breaks. With an SSU, the spring fits tightly around the internal sleeve to help contain the spring if it were to break.

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Stripping Spring Units (SSUs) are

the only components needed

to attach the stripper plate to the

top shoe in this two post die set.




SSUs can be threaded together for

applications that require longer

die springs.



Part # Length (inches) Travel (Inches) Outside Diameter (Inches) Stripper Bolt / Mounting Stud (Inches)
and Plate Screw Size
Stripper Bolt/ Mounting Stud Length (Inches)
Initial Load (Pounds) Load per 1/8" Deflection  3D Step Files


1-1/2 1/4 1 1/4-20 THD.  1/4 125 41

Open Position

Closed Position


2 3/8
1-5/16 3/8-24 THD.  5/8 250 85

Open Position

Closed Position


2-1/2 1/2 1-5/16 3/8-24 THD.  5/8 230 75

Open Position

Closed Position


3 3/4 1-5/16 3/8-24 THD.  5/8 200 60

Open Position

Closed Position


1 1-5/16 3/8-24 THD.  5/8 170 40

Open Position

Closed Position

Click here for cross reference to other manufacturers part numbers of SSU's.